Reynard “Reynie” Muldoon Perumal

Founding Member, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Learned Tamil; attained highest possible score on Mr. Benedict’s tests; correctly guessed Mr. Curtain’s secret password; consistently led friends with grace and wisdom against all odds

Expertise: Problem solving

Habits: Pacing when thinking

History: Orphaned as an infant; formerly resided at Stonetown Orphanage

Family: Miss Perumal, former tutor at Stonetown Orphanage, and her mother


George “Sticky” Washington

Founding Member, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Memorized the Stonetown Library catalog; braved the Whisperer for the sake of his friends; helped save Mr. Benedict’s life

Expertise: Ability to read exceptionally quickly and recall every word exactly (as a result, can read and write, though not necessarily speak, most major languages)

Habits: Polishing spectacles when nervous; can become confused under pressure

History: Former quiz-show champion; ran away from home after overhearing a conversation between his mother and father

Family: Mr. and Mrs. Washington, his concerned and loving parents

Kate Wetherall

Founding Member, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Conquered the Hoop of Fire while in the circus; faced down Ten Men on numerous occasions; almost never lost patience with Constance

Expertise: Physical dexterity, enhanced by fearlessness

Habits: Moving around

History: Mother died when she was an infant; father disappeared when she was two; ran away to join the circus at age seven

Family: Her mysterious father; Moocho Brazos, caregiver, baker, former circus performer, and friend; and her falcon, Madge (also known as Her Majesty the Queen)


Constance Contraire

Founding Member, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Has never agreed to do anything

Expertise: Poetic talent, coupled with extreme mental sensitivity

Habits: Grumbling, protesting, demanding sweets, and napping

History: Formerly lived in hiding in a storage room in the Brookville Library

Family: Mr. Benedict, Rhonda Kazembe, and Number Two



Newest Member, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Joins the Society at five years old; extremely observant; has an impossibly positive attitude

Expertise: Mind reading

Habits: Very talkative

History: Grew up in an orphanage; telepathically led to the Society by Constance Contraire

Family: Unknown

Mr. Benedict.png

Nicholas Benedict

Mentor, The Mysterious Benedict Society

Achievements: Last century’s Malta Incident; received Stimler Prize for Research in Neuroscience and Philosophy; rarely hit his head when falling asleep; thwarted Mr. Curtain’s plans for world domination

Expertise: Genius

Habits: Narcolepsy (uncontrollable bouts of sleep, often triggered by strong emotion)

History: Born in Holland; after his parents died in a laboratory accident, briefly resided with his aunt in America, then in a series of orphanages; earned multiple university degrees; served as a code breaker in U.S. Naval Intelligence

Mr. Curtain

Who is he? Mr. Curtain is the founder of the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened (L.I.V.E.), a secluded boarding school now known to be the source of telepathic transmissions during the Emergency. In addition to inventing the Whisperer, a highly advanced machine capable of mind control, Mr. Curtain has been responsible for a series of significant scientific breakthroughs, including tidal turbine energy and mobile noise cancellation. Unfortunately, he appears determined to use his genius for nefarious purposes.

What does he want? In a word, control. Ledroptha Curtain has hatched one bold plan after another in hopes of seizing power over the global population. His grand mind-control scheme, code-named “the Improvement,” would have affected billions—as would his quest to acquire the fabled plant known as duskwort, which is allegedly capable of putting anyone to sleep.

How can he be identified? With some difficulty, because Mr. Curtain is now known to have an identical twin.. Notably, however, Mr. Curtain almost always wears mirrored sunglasses and travels in a specially equipped wheelchair.

Number Two

Associate to Mr. Benedict

Achievements: First person ever to record a perfect performance on Mr. Benedict’s recruitment tests; helped recruit and train the members of the Mysterious Benedict Society

Expertise: Varied, with particularly exceptional computer skills; needs very little sleep, and thus can watch Mr. Benedict in case he falls asleep due to narcolepsy

Habits: Eats almost constantly

History: Orphaned as an infant; originally from Leadville, Colorado


Rhonda Kazembe

Associate to Mr. Benedict

Achievements: Trained the members of the Mysterious Benedict Society; faithfully supported Mr. Benedict in all of his endeavors

Expertise: Varied, with a memory nearly as good as Sticky’s and a very even temperament

History: Born in Zambia; brought to Stonetown as a child



Special Agent

Achievements: Evaded 873 pencils in the line of duty; saved the lives of the Mysterious Benedict Society on more than one occasion; has never done another person irreparable bodily harm

Expertise: Master of disguise; extraordinary mental and physical fortitude and creativity

History: Captured on a mission more than ten years ago and suffered near-total amnesia; went to work for Mr. Benedict after escaping captors; regained memory in final hours on Nomansan Island